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Galatasaray:1 vs Antalyaspor:1
2009 Turkish SUper League

I know we should have won this game but future looks very promising.
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Hacettepe:2 vs Fenerbahce:1
2009 Turkish SUper League

Any day Fenerbahce loses is a great day! Did I tell you that Volkan got a red card because he does not think with his brain at all. Is he an amateur or professional? Do you remember when he got a red card in EURO 2008 which costs us the Final?

Turkish Sports Media

I have now decided to write like I am a journalist for sports in Turkey. Because there seems to be no difference between me (never knew anything about being a journalist) and most of the people who think they are sports journalists in Turkey.

Turkish media is also totally out of control. For years now, they write anything they want even if it is not even close to the truth. There is no dignity left iin the profession. When I write this comment to Milliyet - a well accepted newspaper in Turkey - they exercise cencorship (the very thing they complain about) - funny isn't it?

From now on, I will also make comments on so called journalist from Turkey as well. I know as much as they do - which is nothing... But that I guess entitles me to say what I want - just like they do...

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